About Us

When you're desperate, you search for solutions.  When there's no solution... create it.

Hello!  I'm Michelle.  I came up with a couple of solutions for my needs and I think they can help you, too.  

I needed slippers that were comfortable (good for year-round), durable (machine washable & dryable), and would work with my orthotics and arch support inserts.  None of the slippers on the market met my needs and I was not about to wear my street shoes at home.  So, I created my own slippers.  These customizable, fully adjustable slippers are made with 100% cotton so they are breathable and soft.  The "pockets" are made with nylon spandex material so they can stretch to accommodate most orthotics.  The straps are adjustable and removable.  I'm happy to be able to use my custom orthotics at home.  I enjoy being pain free and I want the same for you.

In the winter time I love my fleece lined jeans.  I wanted an affordable way to turn all my jeans into fleeced line jeans.  So, I created No-Bulk Fleece Lining.  They are super soft, warm, and comfortable.  The lining has no butt, waist and crotch which lessen the bulkiness in those areas.  Another great feature is that the lining can be removed without having to take off the jeans, provided that the jeans are not tight.  How are the lining secured?  The lining has ties to secure a belt or belt loop.  No-Bulk Fleece Lining is comfortable, affordable and keeps your legs warm without the excess fabric.  Get a pair today!

I hope you enjoy my comfy and cozy creations! 
Michelle Hung
Founder, ComfyChoices®