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Cleveland, GA Entrepreneur and inventor of the No-Bulk Fleece Liners, Michelle Hung, spoke about her Fleece-Lined Jeans hack

Michelle shared with Dr. Garko, host of Let’s Talk Nutrition, that she has thyroid issues and gets cold easily.  She used to have a space heater under her desk at work but the dryness would give her nose bleeds.  Although she discovered fleece-lined jeans that kept her warm all through winter, she grew tired of wearing the same two pairs of fleece-lined jeans.  Determined to wear her other pretty pants and stay warm, Michelle hacked the fleece-lined jeans by making the fleece lining independent.  Her no bulk fleece lining design has no crotch, butt and waist, yet provide comfort, style and warmth to the legs in any pants you wear.

Dr. Garko suggested to Michelle she needed to check if she was anemic.  He also suggested for her to take magnesium, vitamin B complex and herbal tea for circulation.  Dr. Michael Garko's talk show, Let's Talk Nutrition, airs live on weekdays 9-11am EST.  It is a wonderful radio program.  Please click here for more information about the talk show.


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