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Fully Adjustable Orthotics Compatible Slippers

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Featured Product | Fully Adjustable Orthotics Compatible Slippers

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"ComfyChoices, as its name suggests, are incredibly comfortable. They are made with memory foam in and around the slipper. After a day of work, especially if you work standing on your feet all day, are a great relief."  Read the entire review here:

Hilary Topper, New York, NY

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"These are the best designed footwear in the slippers department.
I like them so much I got a pair for my father so he can use his orthotics out of his shoes and into his comfy slippers."

Dr. Ron Richard, Alpine Chiropractic, GA

"I bought my ComfyChoices Slippers a few months back and I love them.  I do not have to use orthotics so I have taken off the pockets and these are very comfortable. I was worried that it might feel strange but it doesn’t.  The sole provides stability and support, and the hook and loop closure provides for a very comfortable fit.  The slippers are great quality and I highly recommend them."

Rosemary Raganella, Johns Creek, GA

"have been wearing my ComfyChoices slippers for over a year now.  Not only are these slippers well made, they let me use my own arch support so my plantar fasciitis pain stopped!  When I come home I wear these slippers and they keep my beautiful beige carpet spotless."

Madeleine R., Flowery Branch, GA

"My feet are flat.  I inherited no arches from my dad.  My parents bought me very expensive orthotics to help protect my knees when I play volleyball.  ComfyChoices slippers allow me to reuse my orthotics so my parents don't have to spend more money to provide support for me around the house.  Plus, the slippers are stylish."

Rusty Dye, 8th Grade Student/Athlete, Cleveland, GA

"One of the most comfortable, easiest to fit, & easy to take care of slippers I have found for house shoes."

Jerry Davis, Cleveland, GA

"I’m a retired military veteran and I suffer from foot and lower back pain daily.  Before ComfyChoices slippers, I would argue with my wife about wearing my nasty shoes in the house. I needed to wear my street shoes to continue the support as I worked from home.  Now, I can leave my street shoes at the door and slip on my slippers as I move around my house.”

Kendrick Dye, Retired Marine, Cleveland, GA

Feature Product | No-Bulk Fleece Lining


ComfyChoices® is a proud sponsor of Kids In Super Shape (K.I.S.S.)

What is K.I.S.S. Club?

K.I.S.S. Club stands for Kids in Super Shape. It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, nationally recognized social fitness and nutrition club. The K.I.S.S. Club organizes social fitness and nutrition classes for the students. The Club operates during school, after school, and in the community.  K.I.S.S. Club’s goal is to revive the art of “Play time” to bring an end to childhood obesity in our community. 

K.I.S.S. Club's Mission

K.I.S.S. Club’s mission is to fight diabetes and other obesity related diseases by confronting many of the factors contributing to childhood obesity: lack of socialization, lack of access to play, depression, a sense of isolation, and a lack of sound nutrition education.

Please click here to learn more about K.I.S.S. Club.

What Makes K.I.S.S. Different?

K.I.S.S. is not your typical school fitness program. Many programs only focus on one aspect of obesity. K.I.S.S. focuses on the many different causes of obesity such as loneliness, isolation, depression, lack of knowledge, and access to fitness opportunities. For this reason, Fox News has dubbed K.I.S.S. “The Ultimate Social Club.”